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We love hearing from our residents and their loved ones. Here’s some feedback we have received. Reviews are very important to us and are the best way to let others know if our team has provided you with a great experience, Submit a Direct Review here!

Brentwood at St. Pete

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6280 Central Ave St Petersburg, FL 33707

"I want to tell you that everyone at Brentwood is extraordinary and stands head and shoulders above the rest. Ann is always helpful and friendly. The nurses are the best with professionalism and caring, and drops everything to help us when we are there. Ruth is the best person to be at the gate, and she is always so helpful to us in every way. If I still had an office, I would try very hard to hire them away from you. The techs and other staff members are just as helpful and also great to work with.
I know that this atmosphere of professionalism and genuine care starts at the top. You have great people working with you and I know you are proud of them, as you should be. It’s a pleasure to spend a few hours a month at Brentwood."
Walt Flora, III, O.D.

"I wish to thank you and all of your staff for taking care of Frank during the time he was at Brentwood. I was always confident that he was getting the best attention, particularly the aides, Michael especially, and on up. His stay there was the next best thing to being at home. Kindest regards"
- Betty H.

"The special interest you and the Brentwood family take in my brother Eddie is heart-warming and so very much appreciated.
On behalf of him I send many thanks for the gifts at his birthday and for the special trips in which you include him. You make us all so happy!"
- Virginia & Bill

"Your kindness to my brother warms my heart. Our Mom could never have imagined that such a good life would unfold for Eddie without her. From Heaven she smiles. I have only great appreciation and love for all of you. Thank you for all you do."
- Virginia

"One of my first impressions upon moving my mother and father into Brentwood was the friendly and helpful staff. Their expertise and gentle handling of our 92 year old grandpa Jack helped our first day and evening be more successful. They reduced our stress and gave us great guidance! We felt very confident to leave them that evening and the next morning in Brentwood’s care. Brentwood went above and beyond to help us with this difficult transition."
- JoAnn M.

“When I first toured the facility, I was impressed with the modern décor, the hot tasty lunch, and the fact that I did not feel rushed or being given a push to sign on the dotted line.

Being treated with both respect as well as competency by the nursing staff and aides is part of my healing process. Physical therapy, along with occupational therapy, is also helping me get back on my feet after a hospital stay.

Knowing I have a spacious studio when I don’t have to clean, vacuum or do laundry, allows me the luxury of napping or visiting with other residents. Daily fun activities can be my optional diversions.
I can’t say enough about Brentwood. I endorse Brentwood without any reservations!”
- Mary Karen M.

“I would like to thank you for everything you did for us and for my Aunt. We really appreciate all your help! And you’ll never know how much that picture meant that you texted to me on Aunt Shirley’s first day at Brentwood at the picnic. I was thinking about her and wondering how she was adjusting when I received the picture. It made my day! Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

I would like to recognize some employees as Winged Angels: Eric, Tyecia, Giulia, Kieve, Ruth, Natasha, Scott, Andrew, and Sal.”
- Kathy R

“Thank you for enticing me to move to Brentwood. I love it!!!”
- Betty B.

“Dear Brittany. All that you do at Brentwood is so appreciated. You are a fun-loving, caring and so right for the career you’ve chosen.”
- Virginia and Bill

“Dear Marsha. You make life here a joy, a special place that is unique among such communities.
We love your zest for life and how you share that spirit with my special brother.”
- Virginia and Bill

“Months ago, I arranged a meeting with Marsha to discuss moving my brother Bill from his existing assisted
living facility into Brentwood. Her professionalism and knowledge were obvious as she helped me to understand what the
facility offered and how we could help my brother Bill to better cope with his day to day life. She, along with Gina and Nancy, went “above and beyond” in helping Bill make the transition as we worked through your
respite program into your ALF environment. They have exhibited help, support and professionalism every step of the way,
getting him settled in and comfortable in his new home, Brentwood.
These women are caring and compassionate and, as a result of their “extra effort,” I feel comfortable in saying that a huge
sense of relief has fallen over both my brother and myself.”
- Robert A.

“The patrons, volunteers and staff at the Gulfport Senior Center are so very grateful for the wonderful Thanksgiving meal that Brentwood provided for our seniors and volunteers at our Thanksgiving Dinner Party held on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at the Senior Center. We served about 175 guests and nearly 20 volunteers including Brentwood staff. The event is one that our seniors look forward to each year and everyone enjoyed it. We received numerous compliments from our seniors on the excellent quality of food. It’s a pleasure partnering with Brentwood and we look forward to partnering with you again in 2012.”
- Susan Frank, Senior Center Supervisorgulfport multipurpose senior center

“When I put my mother into [another senior living community] I did so expecting she’d be well taken care of. She qualified for independent living just below their highest tier of care. She fell multiple times. Four months later I moved her to Brentwood, a much better decision. Mom has not fallen since she went to Brentwood. Everyone there knows her, even the receptionist. She is less isolated. The staff seems more involved and the atmosphere is more personal and they are responsive to my inquiries. I feel Mom is in good hands.”
- Leslie G.

Names and content have been edited where necessary for brevity and privacy.

Couple reading together at senior living in St Petersburg

"The amazing, caring staff and many friendly residents, made me feel welcome and accepted."

- Barbara

Woman dancing in flowers at St Petersburg senior living

"I will be forever grateful for your kindness to us!"

- Pam and Tim A.

"My mother Paula is a resident in the Memory Care Unit. It was very hard for my family to place her outside the family home. We are very lucky to find Brentwood. It has been a very positive event given the circumstance. There are two individuals that have gone above and beyond for my mother and family.
Suzette was the first person we came into contact with at Brentwood. She is the bright face of the facility. She makes newcomers feel especially welcome with comfort. Always with a smile she displays warmth and compassion. She is most genuine.
Another star is Eric. As a young professional he displays all of the qualities one expects in a nursing candidate. As a nurse myself with a long nursing career, I know the qualities it takes to makes a great clinical caregiver; Eric has the “right stuff”. He shows extra compassion towards my Mother. Another pro with a smile.
My Father, my brothers and I have the highest regard for the care my mother receives at Brentwood."
- Resident


"Thank you for the great day at The Gulfport Senior Center. I felt like a celebrity especially when the “Big Boss” took me home. He makes me feel important, and I love him and his family. And you, words cannot tell you how I feel about our friendship and love. You’re precious. Please don’t change. I love you."
(resident letter to staff team member)
- Betty K